Lacquer Tea Bowl Urushi-wan (black, PI shape)

by Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

This tea bowl has a simple modern design that fits in the settings of any occasion. It is made entirely from materials, such as wood and Japanese lacquer, that are found and processed in Japan. Japanese lacquer is rare and highly sought after. Lacquer-ware keeps the temperature inside high while the outside remains cool. Therefore soup or coffee stay warm and you can hold the bowl easily and safely. It is light and far stronger than the bare wood. This Japanese lacquer bowl will be your favorite for cafe au lait, Japanese green tea, or soup.

Use with care

With simple care and caution, urushi items last for a lifetime and deepen its luster as time goes by. Please note the following things while using it. Clean with warm or normal temperature water with a soft cloth after each use. Do not use a nylon scour. Regular kitchen soap can be used but avoid any that contain abrasives. Do not use in microwave, dishwasher, oven or stove. Avoid silver cutlery as they damage the surface. Keep from direct sunlight or extremely dry or wet environments.

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Dimensions: D105 x H75 mm (D4.13 x H2.95 in)

Made in: Fukushima

Weight: 70.00 g (2.47 oz)

Creator: Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Materials: wood,washi,black lacquer (outside),tin (inside)