Tokoname Kyusu Teapot Shou (red brown)

by Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Our selected Tokoname Kyusu Teapots are designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi, who is a Tokyo-based designer and has been designing traditional Japanese practical arts over the last 30 years. He has revived the old traditional craftsmanship through his prominent design sense. His products are used at hotels, restaurants, and many museums in the world.

These authentic Japanese teapot or kyusu series are made of Tokoname clay found in Aichi prefecture. This area is well known for Japanese tea pottery making. Tokoname clay is rich in iron, and thus it makes water mellow and mild when you pour hot water for making tea. The pot becomes sleek and lusty as you use and this adds a serene beauty on the pot. Here is my personal story related to this teapot.

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Dimensions: W138 x L82 x H62 mm (W5.43 x L3.23 x H2.44 in)

Made in: Aichi

Weight: 160.00 g (5.64 oz)

Creator: Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Materials: clay