Matsusaka Shimaco Luncheon Mat Shimashima-Koushi (Grid)

by Marukawa Shouten

This is a luncheon mat made from Matsusaka Momen Cotton with Indigo dye in =Mie prefecture=. The material is a finely woven cotton, durable and beautifully patterned. It has a simple and delicate line and color, and the indigo blue hue deepens with every wash. Although it functions as a mat, it can be also used as a simple wrapping cloth.

The stripe pattern is famously known as ‘Matsusaka’, and is a trademark of Matsusaka Cotton. It has become well-known via an association with =Kabuki= actors, who since the 17th century have worn costumes made with this striped pattern. =Matsusaka area= has a long history of weaving, going back more than half a century. It became a center of making and providing cotton and kimonos due to its high quality material and sophisticated weaving technique. In the =Edo era= (17th-19th century), Matsusaka Cotton became a big trend but subsequently, as people stopped wearing Kimono because of Japan’s westernization, the industry rapidly shrunk. Although there were more than 1000 weaving companies at the peak, now there is only one left. Our mats are woven by this last company, who wish to convey the beauty of their local gem to a new generation.

Use with care

Since It is dyed with natural indigo color, the color may come off by rain, sweat or friction. The color is removed by laundry, but please be aware of this.

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Dimensions: D300 x H380 mm (D11.8 x H15.0 in)

Made in: Mie

Weight: 15.00 g (0.53 oz)

Creator: Marukawa Shouten

Materials: Matsusaka Momen Cotton 100%