Magewappa Butter Dish with Spreading Knife

by Shibata Yoshinobu Shouten

Magewappa is a round box made of native =Akita= cedars in Northern Japan. It was once a lost technique but the founder, =Yoshinobu Shibata= revived it and has been evolving it after years of experiment and effort. This is a heirloom quality of impressive functional art that is =used for generations=. Magewappa was originally used to keep cooked rice fresh. The natural cedar wood adjusts the humidity in the box and keeps the rice and the food really fresh and tasty. The unfinished surface of the wood emphasizes its natural beauty and the aroma of cedar spreads when opening. Thinly cut cedar is bent and rounded in hot water, then the two ends of the bent wood are fixed into place woven by strips of mountain cherry bark. It is painstakingly made with =a lot of detailed hand work= which requires high intuition for the degree of the precise work after many years experience. It takes about 3 months to make one box after much endeavor.

Have you ever had a hard time dealing with butter? You know, when it gets too hard in the fridge to easily shave off a piece. Use this magical Magewappa box as your new butter or cheese container. In the fridge, butter is preserved at just the right hardness - not too hard, not too soft. The unvarnished cedar breathes and balances the moisture and dryness inside. You will not have any difficulty cutting a piece from the block anymore. When ready to eat on the table, the butter is in just the right condition to be shaved off. This magewappa butter case comes with the special butter knife, which allows getting all the butter out of box, even from the edge. It also fits perfectly in the box. Of course, you can use it as a regular magewappa bento box.

Use with care

For durability, food-safe glue is attached only to the edge of the inside of the box. In some dry environment, the effect of the container may be different from the one in Japan. After use, please soak in hot water and clean with a scrubbing brush of natural material. Use hot water and polishing powder for deep cleansing. Do not use baking soda, bleach, or ph neutral detergent. Rinse well and air dry.

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  • box: W93 x L170 x H38 mm (W3.66 x L6.69 x H1.50 in)
  • lid: W102 x L180 x H25 mm (W4.02 x L7.09 x H0.984 in)

Made in: Akita

Weight: 148.00 g (5.22 oz)

Creator: Shibata Yoshinobu Shouten

Materials: Akita Cedar,Cherry bark