Kiri Box Suzuri-bako

by Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

In Japan, Kiri wood (paulownia) has been used to store delicate or perishable items, such as =kimonos= and =rice=, because of its unique characteristics. Kiri shuts out moisture, prevents bug infestations and keeps foods fresh because of the tannins it contains. Click =here= for the related blog.

The KIRI box has the beautiful straight square shape of Kiri wood. Its appearance is refined and sophisticated. It can be used to store mobile phones, jewellery or stationary. Kiri Suzuri-bako is the larger size and Fudebako is the smaller size.

Use with care

Kiri wood tends to be affected by dry environments. If in a dry place, it is best to be kept it in the shade, inside of a drawer, or a glass of water can be placed beside it to create more moisture.

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Dimensions: W39 x L122 x H23 mm (W1.54 x L4.80 x H0.906 in)

Made in: Fukushima

Weight: 200.00 g (7.05 oz)

Creator: Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Materials: kiri wood (paulownia)