Wooden Incense Stick Stand Koutate

by Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

This standing incense holder is made of solid Keyaki Wood, with a circular Suzuri ink stone that holds the stick in the center. Keyaki is a kind of tree that is familiar for Japanese, grown only in east Asia, often used for =furniture=. Each piece of wood is skillfully crafted. It calms down the mind as its fragrance spreads through the room. Ashes drop into the holder, so using this will not cause a mess. These days, solid wood is a rare material and a lot of wooden parts are discarded because the market prefers homogeneity and evenness in colour and surface. In this standing burner, the wood’s unevenness is used positively, giving it a unique, natural feel. It comes in two models; Uzu, which has a round base and horizontal lines, and Uroko, which has a flat base and is engraved with a repeating pattern of rain drops.

Delivery notes

Because it is made of natural solid wood, its colour and the grain may differ from the photo.

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Dimensions: D80 x H87 mm (D3.15 x H3.43 in)

Made in: 1100 g

Creator: Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Materials: keyaki wood (zelkova)