Imabari Bath Towel Charcoal-deo Binchotan - Plaid Grey (Set of 2)

by Hartwell

This Imabari Gauze Charcoal-deo Binchotan Towel is made of the finest cotton with Kishu Binchotan Sumi charcoal fiber woven together. With the innovative technique and design, it is such an incredible absorbent towel for everyday use, beach and travels. This smooth bath towel has gauzy soft touch and gives luxury and refreshing bath finish at every use. It is thin, light and eco friendly for its quick dry. Packed small and regular use for travels. Imabari Towel is well-known for the best quality towel made in Shikoku island in Japan. Kishu Binchotan Charcoal, the highest quality charcoal made in Wakayama, is deodorizing and keeps the towel fresh at each wash. It has a gentle earthy ash grey color.

Use with care

Air dry or gentle dry is recommended. Machine wash with mild detergent in cold or low temperature water. Avoid bleach for the first few times of wash.

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Dimensions: D1400 x H700 mm (D55.1 x H27.6 in)

Made in: Ehime

Weight: 500.00 g (1.10 lb)

Creator: Hartwell

Materials: Cotton