Gorone-Roll Folding Portable Futon

by Takaokaya

This is a portable futon bed or mattress, each one is made to order by a Japanese futon manufacture, =Takaokaya= in Kyoto. It is much lighter and more compact than normal futon, and fits in a small space. There is a belt attached to the covering so it is easy to roll up and carry around. The cover is detached and washable, so it's easy to keep clean. The cotton inside ensures comfortable sleep on the floor. If you roll one edge, it makes a pillow. It could be used for a nap, becomes a portable massage futon or sleeping bag with a blanket.

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Dimensions: W650 x L2230 mm (W25.6 x L87.8 in)

Made in: Kyoto

Weight: 2700.00 g (5.95 lb)

Creator: Takaokaya

Materials: (covering) cotton,(filling cover) cotton,(filling) cotton 70%,polyester 30%