Hand-Painted Kimono Silk Panel - Odamaki (wine)

by Kyoho

This fabric panel wall art is made of silk using a traditional method of kimono-dyeing. The method is called Yuuzen-Zome and it has been passed down from generation to generation of dyers since the 17th century. Each panel is an original, and is hand-painted and hand-dyed by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto. The fabric has a rich texture of silk and the touch and the colours of the paintings are beautiful and soothing. The full production process is described =here=.

The dyeing technique used in this fabric, Yuuzen-Zome, was invented in Kyoto. The process has 15 steps, with each step handled by a specialist of each process. The panels are original designs taken from the =design books= of the Japanese designer and painter, =Issui Ogino=, who created a wide range of novels and creative designs in the early 20th century. His designs were free from existing thoughts and he was regarded to be a member of the Japanese painters' group, Rimpa School. He also took the essence of art nouveau and created new designs. His works are still fresh to our eyes in the current time. The panel is a work synthesized from two classic Japanese art forms, Yuuzen-Zome and Rimpa design, woven together across the boundaries of time.

Delivery notes

Each panel is an original and handmade. If you wish to order more than one piece of the same picture, please =contact us=.

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Dimensions: W300 x L300 x H21 mm (W11.8 x L11.8 x H0.827 in)

Made in: Kyoto

Weight: 490.00 g (1.08 lb)

Creator: Kyoho

Materials: silk