Kai-zogan Shell-inlaid Ebony Chopsticks - Short

by Yume-kobo

Kai-zogan, or Raden shell-inlaid technique is a way of decoration that shell is cut into small pieces and it creates motif by being inlaid on woods, metals or other materials. It is an old technique that has been developed since Nara era in 7th century. Yume-kobo adapts =this technique= on smaller items such as these chopsticks with their high skill. Nacre of pearl is finely cut into tiny pieces and they are carefully inlaid by hand to perfectly fit into the space of 9 mm cut on the chopsticks. This incredible fine work is done by 20 women in a small studio in Iwate prefecture. We have a great respect for their dedicated work to bring the fine artwork into everyday life.

The chopsticks are made of ebony wood, which grows slowly, thus has high consistency and the beautiful shine of deep black. The natural sheen of the shell-inlaid on the top delicately shines on the smooth rich base. The shell has jewel-like shine as well as an aesthetic reserved beauty. They are a little shorter than Ebony Chopsticks Long for smaller hand holders or lunch takers.

Use with care

Avoid dishwasher and do not soak in water for a long time. It is made of natural wood with no coloring, therefore there might be subtle varieties from the photos.

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Dimensions: W9 x L180 x H9 mm (W0.354 x L7.09 x H0.354 in)

Made in: Iwate

Weight: 80.00 g (2.82 oz)

Creator: Yume-kobo

Materials: Ebony Wood,Abalone Shell