Compressed Hinoki Soap Dish Yue

by Turn Over

This soap dish has a soothing and relaxing aroma and is made from Hinoki Cypress wood, which is the highest quality of wood in Japan. For example, Hinoki wood is also used to make temples, shrines, and the traditional _Japanese bath_. This soap-dish is hand-crafted via a painstaking process; the wood is compressed at high temperature until it is half its original size (as shown in the last photo). This makes the wood dense and dark, improves its aroma, and keeps it fresh. Notably, the dense wood won’t let water or the bacteria come inside - safe in the kitchen and bathroom. The center is hollowed and the soap is preserved dry and clean. At the bottom, there is a mark of Uguisu bird (warbler), which heralds the coming of spring in Japan.

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  • chopsticks: L230 mm (L9.06 in)
  • chopsticks-rest: W50 x L25 x H5 mm (W1.97 x L0.984 x H0.197 in)

Made in: Tottori

Weight: 80.00 g (2.82 oz)

Creator: Turn Over

Materials: Hinoki Wood,Food-safe vegetable oil