Compressed Hinoki Chopsticks and Rest Set Ishi-zen

by Turn Over

Simple, beautiful but warm appearance of chopsticks and its rest. Their smooth surface and octagonal shape fit right in the hand and noodles don't slip unlike plastic chopsticks. They are handmade from Hinoki wood, which is the highest quality of wood in Japan, used for the material of temples, shrines, and the traditional =Japanese bath=. It is strong and has a subtle calming wood scent. Like everything on this site, these chopsticks are crafted by hand via a painstaking process, because the wood is compressed at high temperature until it is half its original size (as shown in the last photo). This makes the wood dense and dark, improves its aroma, and keeps it fresh. The matching chopstick-rest has a round organic shape, like a stone found by the river. The set comes with a beautiful Kiri wood box and this will make a great gift.

Use with care

After use, clean with a soft sponge and air dry. Apply dish soap for the oil stains. Avoid dishwasher and do not soak in water for a long time.

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  • chopsticks: L230 mm (L9.06 in)
  • chopsticks-rest: W50 x L25 x H5 mm (W1.97 x L0.984 x H0.197 in)

Made in: Tottori

Weight: 80.00 g (2.82 oz)

Creator: Turn Over

Materials: Hinoki Wood,Food-safe vegetable oil