Bamboo Hanging Flower Vase Ichirin-zashi Long Naga-take

by Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

This Japanese bamboo flower vase is known as ‘ichirin-zashi’ which means a single flower vase. A piece of bent bamboo forms a shape to hold a thin glass tube inside. A simple flower or plant appears from the back - any plant that you pick from nature or take one or two buds out of a bunch. This small hanging flower vase brings a natural beauty into a space - its simplicity elevates the spirit. In Japan, bamboo has been used as a material for life products since the old times. Although there are about 600 kinds of bamboo found in Japan, only around 20 of them are good enough for manufacturing. This bamboo vase is made of Ma-dake - meaning ‘straight bamboo’- which is easy for bending, cutting and rich in elasticity.

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Dimensions: W620 x L30 mm (W24.4 x L1.18 in)

Made in: Fukuoka

Weight: 120.00 g (4.23 oz)

Creator: Studio GALA, designed by Ryoichi Kobayashi

Materials: bamboo,glass