Sembei Zabuton Floor Cushion

by Takaokaya

This big, round zabuton floor cushion creates a cozy space for a baby or a little child. The cushion is a spacious, comfortable and safe place for little kids to happily play around or take a nap. Though big, it is light enough for a mother to easily wrap and carry a baby without disturbing his/her sleep. It is made by a futon company in Kyoto that has been making Japanese bedding since 1919. Each floor cushion one is literally handmade by skilled craftspeople with passion and love.

Delivery notes

Each item is handmade on receiving the order. Allow for 10 days from the order date to the shipping date.

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Available Colours
pink x polkadot
blue x polkadot
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Made in: Kyoto

Weight: 1200.00 g (2.65 lb)

Creator: Takaokaya

Materials: (fabric) cotton 100%,(filling) cotton 70%,polyester 30%