Bloom Wreath Porcelain Plate M

by Hakusan Touki

Made in =Hasami area in Nagasaki=, Hakusan Touki’s porcelain is well known for its good design, high quality tableware. Hasami area is known for its China manufacturing, which is made possible through the use of the fine and strong Amakusa porcelain stone. Hakusan Touki’s philosophy is to create things that are of good use for users, items that are well-blended in their life. In its simplicity, their design has subtle artifice to enhance everyday life - the appearance is clean and uplifting.

Delicately hand-painted flower motif surrounds the plate. It is jewelry deep blue like lapis lazuli and is beautifully colored on the white base. The serving platter is a good size for serving a loaf of bread, or a whole cake, and the plate is perfect to serve it individually. This will do a great gift.

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Dimensions: D195 mm (D7.68 in)

Made in: Nagasaki

Weight: 500.00 g (1.10 lb)

Creator: Hakusan Touki