Noren Itajime Hand-dyed Fabric Divider

by Takaokaya

Noren is a fabric divider hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways or in windows. This noren is made from hand-dyed 100% cotton. Each piece of cloth is dyed by a kimono-dye craftsman in Kyoto. This is a method called Ita-jime, which is one of the shibori (tie-dye) technique and uses wood to bind the cloth to resist dyeing and make patterns and different colours. The center of noren is hand-stitched. There is a hole on the top and you can put a poll through and hang it on the door or simply attach to walls.

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Made in: Kyoto

Weight: 300.00 g (10.58 oz)

Creator: Takaokaya

Materials: cotton 100%