Mori-bachi Shiro bowl off-white

by Asuta Mochizuki

Asuta Mochizuki is a potter who has creating varieties of bowls and plates in the countryside of Saitama. The size, touch, and fit are all well thought out, but the works have the momentum of creation. They are used everyday for a wide variety of things - breakfast, coffee, evening shots, and dinner. Their chic look enhances the taste of food that they contain.

This bowl has an off-white base with a slight brown colour observable from the clay, which makes the whole colour of the bowl slightly pinkish. The texture is smooth and this matches any types of food such as a salad, pasta, grilled vegetables, marinades, etc. The top is slightly curved and open like a tulip. The size is perfect for sharing food or as an individual noodle bowl.

Use with care

Do not use in a microwave or dishwasher. Water may be released at the beginning of use. This is natural reaction of Japanese dishes and a sign that they are made naturally from soil. After several uses, water will no longer be released. Over time there will be subtle changes in color and texture, which is also a natural reaction, and adds to the depth and beauty of this piece.

Delivery notes

Because this item is handmade, no two are identical. Therefore please note that what will be delivered may have some variations from what is shown in the photo.

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Dimensions: D210 x H75 mm (D8.27 x H2.95 in)

Made in: Saitama

Weight: 500.00 g (1.10 lb)

Creator: Asuta Mochizuki

Materials: clay,coarse white clay,oxidized bronze,gold and others