Tea Cup Cha-wan Asa

by Asuta Mochizuki

Asuta Mochizuki is a potter who has been creating varieties of bowls and plates in the countryside of Saitama. The size, touch, and fit are all well thought out, but the works have the momentum of creation. They are used everyday for a wide variety of things - breakfast, coffee, evening shots, and dinner. Their chic look enhances the taste of food that they contain.

To get its unique finish, at the end of firing wood is put inside the kiln; the soot from the wood flames gets etched in at high temperature and stays on the surface as a print.

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Dimensions: D138 x H79 mm (D5.43 x H3.11 in)

Made in: Saitama

Weight: 270.00 g (9.52 oz)

Creator: Asuta Mochizuki