Cacerola Bowl Oven Tonsui

by 4th Market Allegory

Each piece is handmade in Yokkaichi in Mie prefecture. Yokkaichi is famous for its pottery, and has 300 years of history of making earthenware from its high quality soil. They are called =Banko Yaki= and are characterized by their natural texture and simple design.

This macaron-like two-tone color bowl is a matching dish with our Donabe Clay Cacerola Pots. It is made from the heat-resistant earthenware that can cook on the stove, in the oven and microwave. It is often served as an individual bowl for a Japanese hot pot. I like to make soup noodles in the clay pot, serve a small portion at a time in the Tonsui bowl, and share with family and friends. It is more fun way when enjoying a meal. It is also a good size to have a cup of soup, porriage, gratin or appetizers. There are two color variations - yellow/off-white with yellow color inside and off-white/brown with the brown color inside.

Use with care

It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Dimensions: D130 x H50 mm (D5.12 x H1.97 in)

Made in: Mie

Weight: 250.00 g (8.82 oz)

Creator: 4th Market Allegory

Materials: heat-resistant earthenware